Friday, April 9, 2010

Bedford Planning Meeting

On Tuesday night, I attended a portion of the Bedford bike plan. The Bedford Town Meeting has a legacy: Richard Gere must have presented here before opening his new restaurant, The Bedford Post Inn, and Martha Stewart, as she restores and renovates her 153 acre Bedford home.

The presenter was Terry Burke, an active member of the Bike Walk Alliance of Westchester-Putnam. He's presented the first edition of a plan that would implement simple steps to improve biking and walking without affecting the current budget. It includes implementing bike safety measures on State Routes 22 and 117 as part of the Mid-Hudson South Plan developed in 2000 by the State DOT, ensuring cyclist commentary on new construction and development, coordinating with neighboring jurisdictions, and actively including residents comments. He would like to have a source of funding for future years, but mentioned things such as grants and Safe Routes to School.

The board seemed both positive and supportive of his initiative.

Any resident who would like to see the plan will be able to access a copy through Bedford's website, and can send comments to

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