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Friday, February 5, 2010

White Plains Bike Meeting

Last night, in the cozy home of a White Plains resident, members of the Bike Walk Alliance of Westchester-Putnam (BWAWP) and the East Coast Greenway met with local citizen activists to brainstorm and plan the potential future of biking in the city of White Plains, NY.

White Plains is about 30 miles from New York City, and has around 57,000 residents, many of whom commute into Manhattan daily.

The East Coast Greenway will be building paths in and around the city, and would like the city to fill in some of the infrastructure gaps that local cyclists will continue to feel.

So far, bikers mentioned a lack of safety, lack of bike parking, lack of quality bike parking, and lack of signage; as well as emphasis on cars as the primary transport, and a city rule that reserves an enormous amount of space for car parking

Ideas for potential solutions included securing donations of bike parking facilities; prioritizing an East-West path and a North-South path through White Plains as favorable cycling roads, and developing along those roads through painted sharrows, cycle tracks and bike boxes. Another idea mentioned was inviting city officials to a bike party to raise awareness and good feelings.

A ride around White Plains to determine most desirable boulevards will be held by BWAWP White Plains Chapter in early March.

To get involved with the BWAWP, either in White Plains or other parts of Westchester-Putnam Counties, email: