Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Check out Dahlia's new Streetfilm!

My girl Dahlia just made a badass clip on New Women cyclists in NY:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Streets

Photos from a FABULOUS, hula hooping at SummerStreets!  The top photo was taken by Ms. Dahlia Ramsey, Intern at Streetfilms: she's also the hottie biting my handmade hoop below. The ladies in the middle are tourists learning to hoop it up in Washington Square Park.


I just helped do the re-design of BWAWP, the Bike Walk Alliance of Westchester-Putnam.  A fabulous designer, Steve Bozzone, did the layout, and I've been steadily adding content.....

Check it out! It's tight.  If you're not already a member, make it happen, loves!

Just click on:

Check out this article at Streetsblog:  Will Westchester Replace Richard Brodsky With a Better Voice for Transit?, by Noah Kazis.  It's a very well-written discussion of the new Westchester potential Westchester representatives.

This is SO important! Not only for the future of Westchester, but for NYC as a whole.  Westchester representatives have consistently vetoed legislation that will charge cars for any of their infrastructure: be it via bridge tolls, paying for parking, or Congestion Pricing.  

Some of the reps have good ideas:  expanding the bike paths to include east-west, offering Transit passes to high school students.  These may be much more challenging to enact that the existing trend of pro-car legislation, but we at least need supportive officials in office.  

We have to VOTE!!! Pay attention to this election..